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Selling Thread

Posted by Dark Wraith 

Selling Thread
December 22, 2017 07:16PM

I was playing with Nuvie during my fabulous Christmas vacation and came across an issue with Ultima VI. I purchased a bunch of thread from Arbeth in Paws with the goal of selling the thread at a mark-up to Le'nard in Yew. The problem is that Le'nard does not recognize the thread and refuses to purchase the spindles from me. Is Arbeth a con or is this a glitch in Nuvie? Can it be documented as an issue to be fixed?

Having no other use for the thread, the Avatar proceeded to dump all of the thread on the ground in Yew.

I'm using the latest snapshot.

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Re: Selling Thread
December 23, 2017 07:25PM
This is fixed in the latest snapshot. I had a solution based on Zabeus's fix and was waiting on feedback. I went ahead and applied the fix anyway.

Edit: The latest snapshot has the fix now

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