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Guards with fire wands?

Posted by Quentinak 

Guards with fire wands?
October 21, 2015 04:35AM
Playing through the entire game with Nuvie for the first time. It's been really fun especially with all the new bells and whistles of Nuvie (and with the new companions sprites and paperdolls). Definitely breathed new life to this old favorite.

I'm wonder if this is a bug or a feature: the evil guards in the Crypts all are equipped with fire wands. Was this change intended? They definitely did not have fire wands in the original U6.
Re: Guards with fire wands?
October 21, 2015 04:07PM
Eric's version does have them with wands. I thought it was really weird before and asked him. I'm not sure if he can get the data that easily, because I think it is in the exe. It probably wouldn't be too hard though. He's not in irc right so I'll ask later.
Re: Guards with fire wands?
October 23, 2015 11:47AM
Ok I've checked my exe against the gog version and the only difference is the guard inventory data. I also found an original packed exe on my HDD which matches the gog version. So I think I must have been playing around with my exe at some stage and then forgot about my edits and then copied my changes into Nuvie.


I've fixed the values now. Guards should have crossbows, halberds and gold coins now instead of torches, firewands and chests. ;-)

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