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I love you...

Posted by FatalFramerate 

I love you...
January 26, 2015 07:05AM
...guys for making this. Having so much fun going through this again. Well, on PC. I played the SNES version when I was about 13, back in the 90's.

Hope to see instruments working, smooth scrolling and...I guess the Dungeon Spell. Honestly it's legit as is, smooth scrolling would make it GDLK though.

I'm not sure how I'd compare SNES/PC so far. SNES certainly had smoother scrolling and higher quality music and a nicer viewing area, but PC has a bit more content, a better GUI...and well "Nuvie" specifically has some killer features - including the viewing area fixed. I do use a nice NTSC filter on the SNES one though! VII on SNES was horrible, but I'm surprised at how well they ported VI.

Overall, I've been going back and forth between them and the PC just has a better "feel" to it that I can't quite place.

Off Topic: Exult's Smooth scrolling seems good these days, I saw some old posts mentioning that it was bad. At 10fps 100% smoothing it's insanely smooth. The screen flashes every now and then but its a good trade-off.

Are you guys planning on getting more of the GFX settings into the ingame GUI? i.e. Res/Scale/Filters? I'll be done with it by then -and I already have it set how I want - but I'd like to see this thing pimped out, just cause I love it. :p

Anybody play Dungeons and Dragons: Warriors of the Eternal Sun on Sega Genesis? The Aesthetic of this really reminds me of it. It was a much smaller game than U6 and didn't have nearly as much depth, but it was pretty amazing in it's own right.

I'm rambling, but playing this is putting me in a hella good mood. I see this forum isn't super filled with people but I guarantee the people who use Nuvie GREATLY appreciate it. Such nostalgia.

I'm gonna throw this Moonstone around and see where all it takes me. Keep up the good work!

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Re: I love you...
January 26, 2015 05:43PM

Are you guys planning on getting more of the GFX settings into the ingame GUI? i.e. Res/Scale/Filters?

All of these require the game to be restarted. I added some code at one time (it required a compile time flag), but it is out of date. I'm can't remember if there were any issues with the menu besides needing a restart.
Re: I love you...
January 27, 2015 06:35AM
Oh. It'd still be cool ingame, with the (Requires Restart) message. No biggie though.

The more I play this the more I like it over the SNES version. I love how you can just hit "CIM" for instance to cast heal. I know most of the spells from UO. smiling smiley SUMMON GREAT FIRE! I'm actually playing in Original now, stretched fullscreen, with keyboard. Gamepad works REALLY good, but I'm launching through Steam and I'm not sure why that breaks it. Viewing area is super small in Original but...for me it just makes it feel that much more immersive and massive.

Looting is a pain but I just hit M + direction of loot + direction over and over. There is some awesome stuff going on in your new mode, my only issue is not seeing everyones health during combat.

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