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Posted by FatalFramerate 

January 25, 2015 03:12AM
I'm using a ps3 Controller using MotionJoy. It detects it and I get Dpad movement, but it constantly says "what" and no other buttons seem to do anything. I read documentation and did some Googling but couldn't come up with anything.
Re: Joystick?
January 25, 2015 04:15AM
It saying "what" is likely button joy2 which does the do_action command (same as pressing enter).

Here's a list of what button numbers (likely need to subtract 1) and what are axes (even though it doesn't list axes numbers) are supposed to be. You can change what the buttons and axes do by editing the bottom of "data\defaultkeys.txt". Gamepads have bad standardization outside of consoles.

You'll need to add joy_up3 since you have more than 2 axes pairs. I don't know what the axes numbers are. You can edit axis pairs in the joystick menu if the axis are switched.
joy_up3		walk_north
joy_down3	walk_south
joy_left3	walk_west
joy_right3	walk_east
joy_rightup3	walk_north_east
joy_rightdown3	walk_south_east
joy_leftup3	walk_north_west
joy_leftdown3	walk_south_west

You could also disable joysticks and use a key mapper to map the joystick to keys but you lose some functionality.

Edit: The DS3 Tool Options section shows an Analog Gamepad (POV,Joysticks) option that might make the triggers buttons instead of having to configure them as axes (might need to add joy11 and joy12 to defaultkeys.txt),

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Re: Joystick?
January 25, 2015 05:02AM
Irrelevant now.

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Re: Joystick?
January 25, 2015 05:21AM
Ok, it looks like I have to let the text clear from the screen before I can do another command or I get the "What?". I can enter combat, but not exit until the messages is gone.

So I can open a bag with "X" but I can't close it until the text's clears. Or I can't "Pass" and then walk until it clears.
(Solved Below)

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Re: Joystick?
January 25, 2015 07:36AM
Wow. It's because I was launching through Steam. I'm not sure how that would effect it, but it does. Everything works perfect now. :|

Here's a slick setup for PS3 (with Xinput Drivers) or Xbox 360 users:

In Game Joystick Options:
Repeat when held: Hat
Axes Pair 1: (X: 0 | Y: 1)         #Left Analog
  Axes Pair 2: (X: 2 | Y: none)  #Triggers
  Axes Pair 3: (X: 4 | Y: none)  #Right Analog
  Axes Pair 4: (X: none | Y: none)

In data/defaultkeys.txt:
#Left Analog
joy_up		msg_scroll_up
joy_down	msg_scroll_down

joy_left2    	look     #Right Trigger
joy_right2	get       #Left Trigger (Yes they're backwards)

joy_hat_up	        walk_north
joy_hat_down	        walk_south
joy_hat_left	        walk_west
joy_hat_right	        walk_east
joy_hat_rightup	        walk_north_east
joy_hat_rightdown	walk_south_east
joy_hat_leftup		walk_north_west
joy_hat_leftdown	walk_south_west

#Right Analog
joy_left3	previous_party_member
joy_right3	next_party_member

joy0	toggle_cursor                         # X Button.
joy1	cancel_action                        # O Button.
joy2	do_action                              # Square Button
joy3	multi_use                              # Triangle Button.
joy4	solo_mode 0                       # Left Shoulder
joy5	toggle_combat                   # Right Shoulder
joy6	doll_gump #cycle doll gump         # Select Button
joy7	game_menu_dialog         # Start
joy8	drop                                  # L3
joy9	new_command_bar                                  # R3 = Must be enabled in Input Options in game.

Some things are kinda tricky. Really easy once you know what to hit though.
(Ps3 Buttons.)

Use Item in inventory:
"New Style"
Open inventory with "X". Press "Triangle" to engage "use" mode. Press "Square" over the item you wish to use. If you need to use it "on" something (Key/Rune/Moonstone) you then need to close inventory with "O" or "Triangle" then select direction.
Hit "Triangle" first to engage "use" mode, then "X" to move the cursor to the inventory, then select an item with "Square".

Look at items in inventory:
"New Style:"
Open inventory with "X" then hit "Right Trigger" then "Square" to "look" at something in your inventory.
Otherwise, hit Right Trigger, "X" to open inventory, then "Square" to select it.

Just hit "Square" to "ready" something in your inventory.

I think I described all that right...if not it's easy to figure it out, and once you get it it's not hard to remember or anything, pretty intuitive. I'd say "Original" is easiest to navigate with a Gamepad, but "New Style" works pretty well too...just a bit more working through gumps.

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Re: Joystick?
January 25, 2015 09:08AM
You still don't have the triggers (L2 and R2/ left and right trigger on 360) setup. They share an axis (would be 3rd pair with none as second entry). I'm not sure if the Sixaxis works on actual axis. It seems like Sixaxis Left/Right says it does. Sixaxis Up/Down says it uses slider (but that may be an axis too).

Drivers handle buttons, axis, and hats differently. People need to tinker with the commands a whole lot anyway, but I'd setup the axis pairs for 360, if I get the triggers, pairs, and buttons from you. I'll also set the default bindings to something better for axis triggers, but people will need to set stuff up manually, because the game really isn't setup for joysticks although the some Nuvie features certainly help make it a lot better.

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Re: Joystick?
January 25, 2015 09:17AM
All the buttons work. I did a lot of editing, check my last post. Yeah it's Xinput.

This should work by just plugging up a 360 pad, and for ps3 if they're using MotionJoy or that Xinput Wrapper some people use. Shouldn't be using anything else. Dinput users would have to do something else.

Might be confusing at first if you don't know what buttons do what, but trust me it's super user friendly once you work it out.

I think the only setup required would be to enable the joystick and set it to 0. Controls are actually a lot faster than the Gamepad only SNES version once you get them setup right.

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Re: Joystick?
January 25, 2015 11:23AM
Edited Axes Pairs so that hitting a direction that doesn't do anything doesn't give "What?" message. Left Analog scrolls up/down through text, right analog scrolls right/left through gumps.

Swapped "Drop" to L3 and made R3 "Rest". Don't think you need "Move" at your fingertips really.

@Milignant You can set them up however but I think all the buttons are there. Obviously you can add right analog to go all directions and add commands for them. Triggers evidently only need X.

ie: Axes Pair 1: (X: 0 | Y: 1) #Left Analog
Axes Pair 2: (X: 2 | Y: none) #Triggers
Axes Pair 3: (X: 4 | Y: 5) #Right Analog <============ I took out 5 on my above setup so it doesn't give the "what" message when you accidently move it up or down.
Axes Pair 4: (X: none | Y: none)

Then just add the inputs back in:

joy_up3 (whatever)
joy_down3 (whatever)
joy_left3 (whatever)
joy_right3 (whatever)
joy_rightup3 (whatever)
joy_rightdown3 (whatever)
joy_leftup3 (whatever)
joy_leftdown3 (whatever)

If "SixAxis" is the tilt thing, I'm not sure how it would work if you had an Xinput Wrapper, but with motionjoy you can go in and set them to act as other buttons, like D-Pad. It's all empty by default. I tried this for movement but It continuously moves in one direction. I'm not sure if it has it's own joy_up4 or something. There's no Xbox equivalent to it so I guess you have to make it something else. Not sure if I explained that right...not sure myself.

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Re: Joystick?
January 25, 2015 07:44PM
I thought you also had a 360 pad but maybe I misread the deleted post.

I recommend binding new_command_bar instead of rest. new_command_bar can be used in all game styles and allows you to do any command bar command, access the save menu, quick save, and quick load. It remembers what button it was at last (doesn't remember after you close the game).


I took out 5 on my above setup so it doesn't give the "what" message when you accidently move it up or down.
You can just put do_nothing for directions you don't want to do anything.

You might want to create patchkeys.txt in the directory Nuvie is installed. Copy the joystick bindings from data/defaultkeys.txt to that file so that you won't have to change anything if you install a newer version of Nuvie.
Re: Joystick?
January 25, 2015 10:39PM
I do have a 360 pad. I can assure you it behaves exactly as a Ps3 emulating a 360. 360 is basically the default Gamepad for PC, being that it's always had plug and play functionality and is owned by Microsoft. That's why I suggest a 360 default setup. There are still some people with older Dinput pads, but it's not quite as common.

To be honest, the type of person that's going to download an Ultima VI engine is the type of person that can figure out how to configure things. It's just sort of an optimization thing.

Ok yeah, New Command Bar was disabled so I wasn't sure what it did. It's very nice. smiling smiley This is basically what the SNES version does. Considering Nuvie does that, -and- allows other buttons to do whatever you want -and- has the mutli_use, I'd say it works much better than the console Gamepad controls. It's -way- faster.

As far as do_nothing, I had it set that way but was still getting the message. Most likely I left out a couple commands in the defaults.txt. If I sort that out you should be able to leave Axes Pairs at default. They go from 0-7 in order, right? I'll have another look. When I get it all perfected I'll mark this as solved and just open an Xbox/Ps3 Bindings thread for people to use if they want.

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