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About Nuvie

What's Nuvie

Nuvie, pronounced 'New-Vee' is an open sourced game engine for playing Origin's games Ultima 6, Martian Dreams and Savage Empire on modern operating systems. Ultima 6 is fully playable from start to finish with Nuvie. Nuvie also contains many enhancements to the original game engine including new UI modes, featuring drag'n'drop and full map view mode. Alternate graphics are also supported.

May 11, 2003 - A very early screenshot, most of the interface elements are still missing.

Latest News

Nuvie Version 0.5

Posted Mar 14th, 2014
The Nuvie team are proud to announce the special 11th anniversary release of Nuvie, Version 0.5

There has been a huge number of changes and enhancements since our last release. 350 commits to the source code. A summary of the major points are listed below.

  • Added the U6 end game sequence
  • Added in game menus where you can change lots of options without editing the cfg file.
  • Added custom paper doll art and custom actor tiles.
  • Added new game UI styles. (original+ and original+ full map.) video/game_style is used to choose what game style to use. fullscreen_map got changed to "new"style.
  • Added joystick (gamepad/controller) support which included major work done on making key bindings so that they are consistently configurable.
  • Added lots of new cheat commands and other key bindings including TOGGLE_FPS_DISPLAY, QUICK_SAVE, and QUICK_LOAD.
  • Added new container gumps, wooden sign gump, and a new CommandBar.
  • Added new message scroll, Daniel's new U6 celestial ribbon and original_style CommandBar for new style.
  • Added U6 use telescope and use silver horn.
  • Added support for spawning mutant (two headed) actors and increase the number of temporary actors in Ultima 6 by 21
  • Started work on MD/SE music support
  • Added support for SE intro/menu/character creation sequences. (still needs a bit of work)
  • Added support for MD/SE portraits
  • Added support for lua script based usecode logic.
  • Fixed in-game font support for MD/SE, some issues with conversation scripts, and lots of other bug fixes.

We are now going to direct our focus to the two worlds of ultima games!


Official Release 0.4

Posted Sep 2nd, 2012
It's release time again. The Nuvie Team is proud to bring you version 0.4!

The big news with this release is that Ultima VI can now be completed in Nuvie without skipping any of the plot or using cheats! This is a big milestone for the project. Thanks to Malignant_Manor for playing through the game from start to finish in Nuvie to verify this.

We have been very busy working since the last release. There have been 280 commits to our subversion server since the 0.3 release.(1.5 commits per day on average) We have spent a fair bit of time on improving the interface logic and ironing out gameplay issues.

Here's a quick summary of what is included in release 0.4

  • New experimental fullscreen map mode. With gorgeous new art by Daniel c. Wurl.
  • New roof tile system with map editor.
  • Overhaul of interface logic with optional new U7 like interface. Removed lots of interface bugs.
  • Added key binding system for in-game commands from Exult.
  • Attack target memory
  • 'command' combat mode.
  • Loads of bug fixes
  • Loads of small improvements.

There are still bugs to be found and small features to be added (The end sequence still needs doing) but with this release we are drawing ever closer to the big 1.0 release. As usual, please report any bugs on our bug tracker.


Official Release 0.3

Posted Mar 1st, 2012
It's release time again.

The introduction/character creation sequences are the highlight of this release. Both intro sequences have been completed along with the gypsy character creation and the main menu logic.

What's new in this release.

  • Bootup introduction sequence.
  • Introduction sequence.
  • Gypsy character creation sequence.
  • Acknowledgements.
  • Main menu.
  • Trap effects
  • Lens animation
  • Balloon/raft movement
  • Ship's cannon
  • Double handed weapons in inventory.
  • Ship combat logic. Party flees in raft when ship is destroyed.
  • Fade out magical creatures when they die.
  • Powder kegs
  • use lockpick
  • Remember previous attack target when attacking with player.
  • Numerous bug fixes

Version 0.3 can be downloaded from our download page. Offical builds are available for Windows and Mac. Source code is provided for other systems including Linux.

Please report any bugs or missing features using the tracker on our sourceforge project page here.


Official Release 0.2

Posted Aug 9th, 2011
The magic release

We're pleased to announce Nuvie's second offical release! Version 0.2

Magic has been the focus of this release. All 81 magic spells have now been implemented in Nuvie. This brings the project a lot closer to our initial goal of full compatibility with the original Ultima 6 game.

What's new in this release.

  • Added all 81 magic spells!
  • Added gui spellbook selector.
  • Use crystal ball.
  • Use staff.
  • Added storm cloak logic.
  • Added regeneration ring healing.
  • Restore party magic points over time.
  • Decrease player alcohol level over time.
  • Lit torches now burn out.
  • Added chance that storm cloak, invisibility/regeneration rings disappear over time.
  • Added correct moonstone/moongate logic.
  • Added spin to certain combat projectiles.
  • Acid slugs can now dissolve metal objects when attacking.
  • Gremlins now steal food when attacking.
  • Added brawling worktype.
  • Numerous bug fixes.

Version 0.2 can be downloaded from our download page. Offical builds are available for Windows and Mac. Source code is provided for other systems including Linux.

Please report any bugs or missing features using the tools on our sourceforge project page here.


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