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  1. Why is the project called Nuvie?
    Nuvie, Pronounced 'New-Vee' stands for 'New Ultima VI Engine'.
  2. Do I need a copy of Ultima 6 to use Nuvie?
    Yes. Nuvie uses the original Ultima 6 datafiles. You will need to install them from the original floppies, or copy them from one of the Ultima Collection CD's.
  3. Will Nuvie use an interface similar to that found in the original games?
    Yes, we are planning to provide a faithfull recreation. This includes providing the original interface. We are, however planning to provide a new enhanced gameplay mode along with the original gameplay mode. The new interface details haven't been finalized yet but it will probably have a full screen game window and floating gump style windows.
  4. Does Nuvie support multiple savegames?
    Yes. Nuvie supports multiple savegames.
  5. Can Nuvie play my original savegames?
    Yes. We also hope to play Nuvie savegames in their respective original game engines.
  6. Is there any way I could contribute?
    We are always looking for help. If you feel you have something to contribute please contact us.
  7. What platforms will Nuvie run on?
    Nuvie currently runs on the following systems. Linux, Windows (95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP) and Mac OS X. If you port Nuvie to another platform please let us know.
  8. Will Nuvie support higher resolutions?
    Currently Nuvie only supports the original 320x200 resolution. (This can be scaled) The enhanced interface may support higher unscaled resolutions.
  9. Are you planning to use scaling algorithms like Exult's to improve the look of U6's tile graphics?
    Nuvie supports several common image scaling routines. Scale2xSaI, Super Eagle and Bilinear scaling.
  10. Are you in touch with the various other teams/projects focussing on Ultima 6?
    We are in contact with other u6 projects. Nuvie wouldn't have been possible without the information collected by other U6 enthusiasts. Hopefully others can make use of the information collected by the Nuvie team too.
  11. Why doesn't seance work on Quenton?
    Unfortunately this is a problem with the original game. There is no conversation text for Quenton where he can talk. Here is a forum thread where it is discussed how it can be added.